About Britten Road

Introduction to Britten Road

Britten Road is a large road in the Northern part of the Brighton Hill estate in Basingstoke Hampshire. Brighton Hill is a mostly 1970's housing estate that covers a substantial proportion of the South West corner of Basingstoke.

Britten Road has a total of 304 dwellings and was built as a private estate by Taylor Woodrow in the mid-1970s. Properties in Britten Road are a mixture of maisonettes, terraced houses and semi-detached houses.

This picture shows a high level satellite view of Britten Road. The house numbering in Britten Road can be a bit confusing, so the pictures on this page try to give some idea of where particular house numbers are to be found.

Britten Road Green
Numbers 49 - 101

This a walkway of houses right in the middle of the big loop of roads that makes up Britten Road. The other end of this walkway can just be seen when looking from across the green.

Britten Road Green
Numbers 103 - 202

This was taken further down Britten Road looking from the Southern end with the Green behind.

Britten Road Green
Numbers 131 - 147

This picture is looking from across the Green with numbers 131 - 137 to the left and 139 - 147 to the right.

Britten Road Green
Numbers 147 - 193

This is the walkway opposite the green. This walkway comes out nearly opposite the bus stop for the number 2 service on Sullivan Road.

Britten Road South
Numbers 209 - 264

This picture shows Britten Road South looking down from the Green towards the Viables.

Britten Road Green
Numbers 218 - 240

This picture shows house numbers 218 - 240 when looking from across the other side of the Green area with the walkway behind you. Further along Britten Road and opposite these houses are numbers 119 - 129.

Britten Road South
Numbers 278 - 304

This picture is looking towards the southern entry point to Britten Road which is closest to the Viable Industrial Estate.

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